Studio Access Labs

Studio Access Labs provide an opportunity to hone the skills you’ve learned in class, without having to spend a fortune setting up your own shop. Finish that elusive project, or start a new one in a specified area at The Crucible.

Studio Access Lab time is monitored but not instructional. You must be a member to access these labs. Pre-qualification in an area or instructor approval are required if you have not taken a class in the area. You may only use the studio area for which you have signed up. You may use it as much as you like during the scheduled hours.

Checkout guidelines here...

*Young Adults age 16+ must request approval and register to take this class by phone at 510-444-0919 x“0”

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Blacksmithing Lab - Fall 2010 - Section A

Thursdays: 3-6:30pm, 10/14/10 - 11/18/10; Saturday & Sunday: 10-

Class size: 6
Duration: 8 sessions

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