Introduction to MIG Welding (Weekend Price for 2)


This entry level class covers the fundamentals of MIG welding and plasma torch cutting. You will be introduced to MIG (metal inert gas, or wire-feed) welding, and learn how to make electricity “arc” through the air to the steel creating enough heat to melt it and the steel wire you are adding to it, effectively creating a weld. You will learn how to use this process to run beads, tack weld and create joints. In addition you will be introduced to the plasma torch which allows you to use electricity to transform atmospheric gas into plasma, the fourth state of matter, and create enough heat to melt steel, effectively cutting it.  The class will culminate in a small project to show off your newly acquired skills.

Entry Level
*Young Adults age 16+ must request approval and register to take this class by phone at 510-444-0919 x“0”

Cost: $665.00 (Tuition: $505.00, Studio Fee: $160.00), Members: $614.50

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